a Prince William and Harry regret last ‘rushed’ call with their mother Diana
Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken of their regret that their last conversation with their mother was a "desperately rushed" phone call, according to BBC. Prince Harry, who was 12 when Princess Diana died, said: "All I do remember is probably regretting for the rest of my life how short the phone call was." In an ITV documentary to mark 20 years since their mother's death, the..
Ratna bk Caste of characters – Ratna BK
Nepali society should seek a multi-dimensional way to eliminate exclusionary practices based on caste, class, sex, race, region and religion Apr 5, 2016- Debates on social exclusion and inclusion began to appear in Nepali polity and society on a large scale only after the restoration of democracy in 1990. Later, the Maoist insurgency and NGO activities gave it greater importance...
a Barak Obama jokes…
Democrats and Republicans alike were the target of jokes by President Obama in his last White House Correspondents' dinner before leaving office. The dinner, his eighth, was a chance for the US president to make fun of himself, his colleagues and opponents, BBC reports. As in previous years, Donald Trump was a regular target, but the favourite for the Republican presidential nomination was not..
a Where is Japanese satellite Hitomi? Lost in space…
Dozens of Japanese scientists and engineers are scrambling to save a satellite - and more than a quarter of a billion dollars of investment - tumbling out of control in space according to BBC. Hitomi, meaning the pupil of the eye, was launched last month. It was designed to study energetic space objects such as supermassive black holes, neutron stars, and galaxy clusters, by observing energy..
1466248_10204415813826220_3556765609988177678_n Envoy of death
April 2015, the day of terror, came as an envoy of death for thousands of people who were absolutely unaware that death is coming after a while. Most of them might be eating, chatting, bathing or doing domestic work at home which was their dearest shelter, became the crematorium later. How can I forget that day, which took 9,000 lives, which made 22,300 people injured and devastated more than..
tanka When Harry preys on Humbly
There was a land, adorable beyond the heaven of angels. On top of that, there was a tiny cottage. A rainbow formed by the cascade of crystal clear water nearby that ran down in the serpentine move to the valley down below to the fields. Flocks of birds in colors sang the melody nearby. Deer fawns playing in the pastures gives a glimpse of some sanctuary. Down below is a patch of fertile land. A..
kathmandu Nepal awaits to host International Youth Media Summit in July
Young filmmakers and social activists will gather in Kathmandu, Nepal in July for the 11th annual international youth media summit. These youth delegates from more than 25 different countries will create short films together, learning about pertinent global issues and about one another’s cultural realities as they work. These youth delegates from more than 25 different countries will..
a I was raped 43,200 times : Karla Jacinto
Karla Jacinto is sitting in a serene garden. She looks at the ordinary sights of flowers and can hear people beyond the garden walls, walking and talking in Mexico City. She looks straight into my eyes, her voice cracking slightly, as she tells me the number she wants me to remember -- 43,200. By her own estimate, 43,200 is the number of times she was raped after falling into the hands of..
a I have slept with 4, 5 man for $ 9
It's challenging for a girl to pursue a career as an electrician in Uganda. But it's even harder if she's also leaving behind seven years spent as a child sex worker. That was the situation Jacqueline, now 18, had found herself in. The youngest girl she worked alongside was just nine, Jacqueline says. "They wanted girls who were young as their bodies were free from diseases such as..
a A 16-year-old Swedish girl explains her hard times in ISIS control
A 16-year-old Swedish girl rescued from ISIS territory in northern Iraq by Kurdish special forces has given a television interview explaining how she came to be stranded in the terror group's so-called caliphate. Kurdish forces came to the aid of Marlin Stivani Nivarlain near the ISIS stronghold of Mosul last Wednesday, according to a statement by the Kurdistan Region Security..
image Thai TV star reveals ‘why he sleeps with doll’
Bookko is one of Thailand's most popular television presenters and actors. He appears in television series, on radio shows and in films. But off set, he's rarely seen without his doll. The 30-year-old comedian is one of a number of celebrities who've adopted what's known in Thailand as "luk thep" or "child angel dolls." Their owners believe the "child angels" are mystically transformed..
image Increasing number of child soldiers in IS
The number of children who have died fighting for so-called Islamic State (IS) in the last year is nearly twice the previous estimate, a report says. Researchers at Georgia State University tracked IS propaganda and eulogies over 13 months. The propaganda claimed 89 boys aged eight to 18 had been killed fighting in a number of different combat roles. The researchers also found that three times..
p Revealed: Pope John Paul II’s close relationship with a married woman
Hundreds of letters and photographs that tell the story of Pope John Paul II's close relationship with a married woman, which lasted more than 30 years, have been shown to the BBC. The letters to Polish-born American philosopher Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka had been kept away from public view in the National Library of Poland for years. The documents reveal a rarely seen side of the pontiff, who..
LB Be ready for world’s longest and highest glass-bottom bridge
Are you ready? If so, travellers will soon be able to walk across the world's longest and highest glass-bottom bridge, which spans two cliffs in China's Hunan province. This week, workers were photographed installing the bridge's first piece of glass. Set against dramatic landscapes in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the bridge is 430 meters long, six meters wide and hovers over a..
v Vulture detained on suspicion of spying
A vulture that flew into Lebanon from an Israeli nature reserve has been captured on suspicion of spying, according to local media reports. Gamla Nature Reserve tracked the bird to near the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil, which is just a few kilometers over the border from Israel -- then reports began trickling in that the bird was being held by locals who suspected it because it had..
goo The greatest, most intelligent people are the most sexual people.
The greatest, most intelligent people are the most sexual people. This has to be understood, because love energy is basically intelligence. If you cannot love you are somehow closed, cold; you cannot flow. While in love one flows. While in love one feels so confident that one can touch the stars. That's why a woman becomes a great inspiration, a man becomes a great inspiration. When a woman is..
image Record breaking $1.6bn US Powerball lottery has three winners
There are at least three winning tickets in the US for the record $1.6bn (£1.1bn) lottery jackpot, officials have said. The winning tickets in the Powerball jackpot were sold in California, Tennessee and Florida. The previous draw was the 19th without a grand prize winner, which requires all six numbers to match. Officials said it would take several hours to know if there were any other..
spreadingwings Why Non-attachment is one of the Keys to a Happy life & relationship
By:Raffaello Manacorda (elephant journal )You might be surprised to hear that non-attachment is an important quality for relationships. Isn’t non-attachment something very similar to indifference? Actually, not at all. Non-attachment is a highly beneficial state of mind in all fields of life, and in our relationship with people, with possessions, and even with our own physical..
NK r.. North Korea’s defector’s story…
"'Where are you going at this time?' she asked. 'Just to a friend's house,' I said, without looking at her. 'I'll be back in a few hours.' She put on her own coat and walked me out to the front gate holding a kerosene lamp. 'Don't stay out too long. Come home quickly.' She smiled at me. Over the years to come, I could never shake the memory of that moment and the look on her face..
ISIS W Why ISIS is ‘afraid of girls’
Put away the adrenaline and testosterone. In the six days and five nights we were in northeast Syria we heard not a single shot fired, nor saw a single bomb drop. The flak jackets and helmets we brought with us never left their bags. We went to a variety of places in northeastern Syria. It involved hours in the car with our drivers, Fahd and Mustafa. Fahd talked and talked and talked and..