anmolm Nirvana have I gained in her world .
Friend ! Nay ! I knoweth not any fixed abode of my beloved .. Her smile dwells along every flowers Her tear falls along every broken leafs She expands Sky-laden truth unto my heart Nay ! I know not any wisdom of hers .. Friend ! Such is depth of her love always remaineth unconsumed with the veil of unloved ocean ! For her day is night bathed by light For her night is sky..
jamuna roka Reason Poem By Jamuna Roka
A stamped seal Slowing down Slightly troubled I came near One morning And so happy Dear you What do you like? I said Dear! Me? You like it Yes, More than you I love the dark Even more than the darkness Like it Cloudy sky More than a dozen We love the earth to live I like your footprint With your footprint Like my dream The broken road Taple tied Own soil Tears..
rc jamuna Dear Angela Poem By Jamuna R.C
  Battaddar Fuldani That is the same After all you Last kissing Romantic memories have been given In the sky Mascara Layer Bounce over You are me Seemed like Yes with me The two nonsense memories One wound out The amount is left Getting on the banks of the ninja We sow Made as a maker of Koshi With your kind of stars These missed missiles Dear Angela 1 Do not see me..
desh subba “Fearism” in BP Koirala’s Stories, a critical approach
Koirala, who accepts himself as a socialist, exposes fear inherited in human beings as open and naked version in his stories. Under the theory of "Philosophy of Fearism", the basic idea of human life is "fear" and that "fear" leads the life. This is the central philosophy of Koirala's stories. Bishweshar Prasad Koirala, the apex personality of Nepalese politics as well as story writing in..
subba pix Subba’s theory of “positive fear” bears fruit in Africa
Western intellectuals have accepted the Bhayabad (Nepalese word for Philosophy of Fearism) or 'Philosophy of Fearism’ professed by Desh Subba, a Nepal born Hong Kong resident. Subba has been working on the theory of Fear psychology for over two decades. Philosophers and writers from Canada and different African countries are collaborating together with Mr. Subba in order to further..
HE CAME BACK with two kilograms of fish. When he was about to reach home, he was almost running. It was unwise to take buff in the name of mutton every day. Considering that it would be inauspicious to have meat on such a holy day, he came home with fish worth sixty rupees. “Annapurna, did you hear me? See what I have brought home!” Annapurna appeared on the doorsteps. She appeared like..
Business man showing his empty pockets  on gray background 82% of the Money went to the Richest 1% last year: Oxfam Report
Eighty-two percent of the money made last year went to the richest 1 percent of the world’s population, according to a report by anti-poverty charity Oxfam. With these numbers, the charity claimed that the gap between the global rich and poor has further increased. “Tax evasion, firms’ influence on policy, erosion of workers’ rights, and cost cutting” were the identified factors that..
Mahesh Paudyal Kartikeya: Ushering Novelty in Children’s Literature by Mahesh Paudyal
Kartikeya Ghimire is not a new name in the field of Children’s Literature in Nepal. Honored with the prestigious Bal Hitakari Purashkar 2007, he also holds the distinction of being the youngest author on whose works a couple of dissertations have been written by graduates of post-graduate studies at Tribhuvan University. Equally acclaimed in picture stories and onstage storytelling, he..
euno EU tells Netanyahu it rejects Trump’s Jerusalem move
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his case to Europe to ask allies to join the United States in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but was met by a firm rebuff from EU foreign ministers who saw the move as a blow against the peace process. Making his first ever visit to EU headquarters in Brussels, Netanyahu said President Donald Trump’s move made peace in the Middle East..

Ranjushree Parajuli Prakat By Ranjushree Parajuli
  Prakat is an intelligent boy. He is seven years old. He goes to an elementary school in Louisevil. He is in grade two. He knows how to use a computer very well. He has his own password. He uses Google to find new things. He learned to read and write on his little toy computer. That computer was his fifth birthday gift from his aunt. Last week  was his seventh birthday. In the..
_97975660_52dea655-39d7-4192-ae17-3090c07a832e Donald Trump declares North Korea ‘sponsor of terror’
President Trump has announced that the US is re-designating North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, nine years after it was removed from the list, BBC report. In a cabinet meeting, he said the move would trigger "very large" additional sanctions to be announced on Tuesday. But Secretary of State Rex Tillerson later admitted that "the practical effects may be limited". Mr Trump blamed the..
Sharad Poudel Likhe: A character three decades in the Making
Sharad Poudel’s popular character Likhe first appeared in his story series in a magazine, NawaYuwa, and eventually became the protagonist of his novel of the same name. Twenty years after Likhe, Poudel has published the sequel to the book, Tapan. Poudel, who is known for his portrayal of Dalit communities, writes about the turbulences that Likhe, and the likes, faced during the Maoist..
Mahesh Paudyal Fresh Light on the Buddha By Mahesh Paudyal
Kavitam Shrestha’s Light of the Himalayas, the English translation of his ambitious work Mahabhiniskramanka Ashwikrit Paila, an account of Buddha’s life from birth to enlightenment has been recently launched by Xlibris for international readership. The book has many stunning and deconstructive entries. Though it’s a linear tale chronologically, it lays bare certain spectacular realities..
a Nepal celebrates 204th Bhanu Jayanti
Today is Bhanu Jayanti. The day is being celebrated across Nepal organising different programs. Today is 204th birth anniversary of Aadi Kavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has stressed on unity among all Nepali citizens for the protection of all languages, literature and culture existing in the country. Addressing a special function organised by the..
19458117_10158890235825182_625563612_n A Thwarted Paradise
“The Great American Dream” still counts for some, though the dystopian realities of the post-Vietnam War have rendered the notion meaningless. To migrants moving west from the Third World and Asian countries, America continues to be a much-coveted paradise, though all that happens there is quite predictable and appalling. For a few bucks, all value systems and dignities are dumped into the..
Mahesh Paudyal Krishna Prasai: Pioneering Zen Movement in Nepal
Zen pertains to meditative poetry inspired by Zen Buddhism popular initially in Japan and later in Korea. As a literary genre, Zen could have developed anywhere, but Buddhism, the mother of Zen poetry sprouted and blossomed in Nepal, and obviously, the roots of Zen lie here. History probably exported the art to South-east Asia. It is time to bring it home. Krishna Prasai seems to be pioneering..
maya thakuri The Pied Piper By Maya Thakuri
As I was dusting the table and chair in my office, I stumbled on an illustrated copy of a book named ‘The Pied Piper.’ ‘Some customers who had come to make phone calls the evening before must have left the book here,’ I guessed. After I was done with all the dusting and cleaning of the computer equipment, I sat down to read The Pied Piper. The book read: There was a town called..
a G7 pressure on Russia to break ties with Syrian President Assad
Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) major industrialised nations meeting in Lucca in Italy are looking to put pressure on Russia to break its ties with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Al Jazeera report. Calling last week's US missile strike on a Syrian airbase a "game changer", Boris Johnson, UK foreign minister, said on Monday that support for Assad "was toxifying the reputation..
abiral Beauty
Beauty Is Seasonal Miracle Sitting near fireside, was green at once. Love is in choice, Castle in air,Fallen in autumn Living in woods, is warm at once. Life is in parentheses, Reality is in eyes, Beauty of season Surrounding by time, will nostalgics at once. Achievement in hunger, Unsuccessful in life, Final destination of men. Fallen in autumn, Beauty..
a Bob Dylan will not travel to Sweden to receive Nobel Prize
Bob Dylan will not travel to Sweden to receive his Nobel Prize for Literature in person, it has been announced, BBC report. The Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel prizes, said it had received "a personal letter" saying he was unable to attend next month's Nobel ceremony "due to pre-existing commitments". Dylan, the organisation said, felt "very honoured" and wished he could receive the..