a Nepal observes 2560th Buddha Jayanti
Nepal is observing the 2560th Buddha Jayanti today, wishing for world peace by organising special worships, singing hymns and holding discourses.Buddhists throughout the world celebrating the day paying obeisance to Lord Buddha. Buddha Jayanti commemorates the day Lord Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died. The day falls on the full moon day in the Nepali month of..
spreadingwings Why Non-attachment is one of the Keys to a Happy life & relationship
By:Raffaello Manacorda (elephant journal )You might be surprised to hear that non-attachment is an important quality for relationships. Isn’t non-attachment something very similar to indifference? Actually, not at all. Non-attachment is a highly beneficial state of mind in all fields of life, and in our relationship with people, with possessions, and even with our own physical..
Ex-Lovers Stood in Silence When They Met Each Other for the First Time After 30 Years. Ex-Lovers Stood in Silence When They Met Each Other for the First Time After 30 Years.
Love is the most complicated thing in the world. Artists are the most eccentric people. So when artists fall in love, the passion must be special, beautiful and somewhat melodramatic. With feelings so strong and minds dazed, we guess their love stories are the greatest. Meet artists Marina Abramovic. In the 1970s, Marina and her then boyfriend named Ulay broke up. But even until the very end..
At The Shaolin Temple, Tens Of Thousands Of Students Carry On Ancient Tradition
When I was growing up, almost every kid I knew was enrolled in class for karate or tae kwon do, but I never knew much about the history of martial arts. As it turns out, almost every culture in the world has developed its own martial art at one time or another, from Morris sword dancing in the U.K. to Korea’s tae kwon do tradition, which you can see demonstrated here by a very fierce little..