_98461693_mediaitem98461692 Albert Einstein’s theory of happiness sold for $1.5m
Advice on two notes written by Albert Einstein describing his theory for happy living has sold at an auction house in Jerusalem for $1.56m (£1.19m), BBC report. The Nobel Prize-winning German-born physicist gave the notes to a courier in Tokyo in 1922 instead of a tip. He told the messenger that if he was lucky, the notes would become valuable. Einstein devoted his life to science but..
_97120393_whatsubject Robot cracks open safe live
Using a cheap robot, a team of hackers has cracked open a leading-brand combination safe, live on stage in Las Vegas, BBC report.  The team from SparkFun Electronics was able to open a SentrySafe safe in around 30 minutes. The robot is able to reduce the number of possible combinations from one million to just 1,000, before quickly and automatically trying the remaining combinations until it..
a Companies struck by major cyber-attack globally
Companies across the globe are reporting that they have been struck by a major ransomware cyber-attack, BBC report. British advertising agency WPP is among those to say its IT systems have been disrupted as a consequence. Ukrainian firms, including the state power distributor and Kiev's main airport were among the first to report issues. Experts suggest the malware is taking advantage of..
a Afghan plane forced to fly back
Afghan aviation authorities have filed an official complaint against two members of parliament after a Bamiyan-bound flight they missed was forced to return to the capital when a group of men prevented the plane from landing, BBC report. Kam Air flight RQ-814 took off from Kabul on Tuesday with 30 passengers on board - but without Bamiyan MPs Ghulam Hussain Naseri and Abdul Rahman Shaheedani,..
Facebook : Four things worth your attention
Facebook’s annual developers’ event, held this year in San Jose, is the social network's chance to bring together all of the people that work with the site to create the apps and other features used by the almost two billion people. The event is a launching pad for new features. After a busy first day, here's my pick of the most interesting and significant, BBC report. 1) AR..
a North Korea latest missile test fails
A new North Korean missile test appeared to have ended in failure, according to South Korean and US officials, Al Jazeera report. The reported failed launch on Wednesday came during large-scale annual military drills involving US and South Korean forces that the North has called a rehearsal for an invasion. Seoul's defence ministry said in a statement that Pyongyang fired one missile..
a Google apologise for extremist content on YouTube
Google's European boss has apologised after adverts from major firms and government agencies appeared next to extremist content on its YouTube site, according to BBC. It came after Marks and Spencer became the latest firm to pull its online ads over the issue, joining others such as Audi, RBS and L'Oreal. Google's European chief, Matthew Brittin, promised to review the firm's policies and..
a Nokia introduce classic 3310 talk and text phone
Nokia’s newly revitalised phone business went back to the future on Sunday, re-introducing a brightly colored version of the classic 3310 talk and text phone, the world’s most popular device in the year 2000. The new model has bigger screens and is priced at just 49 euros ($52). Its 22 hours of talk time and up to one month of standby time potentially heighten the phone’s appeal as a..
a Apple to start making iPhones in India
Apple is to start making iPhones in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, the state's government has said. Ministers said Apple would start an initial manufacturing operation in the state, whose capital is the tech hub Bangalore, in April. The tech giant has a 2% share of India's mobile phone market, well behind South Korean rival Samsung. Apple has yet to officially confirm the plan,..
a China will be on Mars by the end of 2020
China is aiming to own the race for space in the next decade, CNN report. China's ambitious and fast-growing space program is targeting a landing on the dark side of the moon by 2018, and reaching Mars before the end of the decade. The country's space agency held a press conference on Tuesday to mark the release of a policy paper, and outlined the government's goals for exploring deep..
a Japan cancels failed $9bn nuclear reactor
Japan is a scrapping an experimental reactor which has worked for just 250 days of its 22-year lifespan and cost $9bn (£7.2bn). The Monju reactor, in western Japan's Fukui city, was designed to burn most of its own spent fuel, eliminating the need to deal with the nuclear waste. But it suffered its first problems months after it went live, and has not worked properly since. It would now..
a Yahoo hack affects one billion users
Yahoo has said more than one billion user accounts may have been affected in a hacking attack dating back to 2013, according to BBC. The internet giant said it appeared separate from a 2014 breach disclosed in September, when Yahoo revealed 500 million accounts had been accessed. Yahoo said names, phone numbers, passwords and email addresses were stolen, but not bank and payment data. The..
a Twitter axes Vine video service
Social network Twitter has announced it is to close its video sharing service Vine, BBC report. "In the coming months we'll be discontinuing the mobile app," the company said in a blog. Vine originally let people share six-second-long looping video clips. Twitter did not give a reason for the..
a US bans Samsung Note 7 mobile on flights
The US Department of Transportation has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on flights after reports of the device catching fire.Passengers will not be able to take the phones on flights or in their luggage to and from the US from 16:00 GMT on Saturday. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had previously advised against packing the phones in luggage. Samsung permanently stopped Galaxy..
a Samsung scraps Note 7 production
South Korean tech giant Samsung has permanently ceased production of its high-end Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports of devices it had deemed safe catching fire. The firm had already reduced Galaxy Note 7 production volumes. Owners are expected to be able to return the phones for a refund or an exchange for a different Samsung phone. The firm had earlier said it would stop sales of..
a Samsung Galaxy Note 7: ‘safe’ replacement also catches fire
A second replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device, deemed safe by the company, has caught fire in the US, according to BBC. Samsung has been forced to issue new models of the smartphone following complaints of faulty batteries. A man in Kentucky said he was "scared to death" when he woke to a bedroom full of smoke, local media say. It comes after another replacement Note 7 caught fire on a..
a Tiny machine wins Nobel Prize Chemistry
The 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry has been awarded for the development of the world's smallest machines, BBC report. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa will share the 8m kronor (£727,000) prize for the design and synthesis of machines on a molecular scale. They were named at a press conference in Sweden. The machines conceived by today's laureates are a thousand..
a China’s telescope begins testing
The world's largest radio telescope, which has been built in China, is beginning an intensive testing phase, BBC report. Chinese scientists report that the giant dish, which measures 500m (1,640ft) across, is complete and has received its first signals from space. It will now take three years to calibrate the instrument so it can become fully operational. The facility, part of China's..
a Facebook overestimated ‘how much video people watched’
Facebook has overestimated how much video people have watched for the last two years, the firm has admitted according to BBC. One advertiser suggested that, in some cases, video viewing statistics had been overestimated by up to 80%. Facebook's analytics are an important tool for advertisers, who use them to work out how much of their video content is being watched. The social network said..
a China close to establish permanent space station
China has launched its second space lab, taking one step further in Beijing's plan to establish a permanent space station, CNN report. A Long March 2F rocket blasted off successfully at 10:04 p.m. local time Thursday (10:04 a.m. ET) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert carrying the lab known as Tiangong-2, which translates to "heavenly vessel," according to state..