_98645340_sanctuary Award for burning elephant photo
An image of two elephants fleeing a mob that set them on fire has won top entry in a wildlife photography competition, BBC report.  Biplab Hazra's picture shows a calf on fire as it and an adult elephant run for their lives in eastern India. Announcing the award, Sanctuary magazine said "this sort of humiliation... is routine". The photo was taken in West Bengal, where human-elephant..
aaaaaaaaa Pakistani teen in scientific first
Only 17 years old and he is already a recognised scientist. Muhammad Shaheer Niazi's research on electric honeycomb was recently published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, according to BBC. Physicists have known the phenomenon of electric honeycomb for decades. It occurs when a layer of oil is placed in an electric field between a pointy electrode and a flat one - and the instability..
A Himalayan wolf photographed in Upper Mustang of Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal (29.17356°N, 84.13422°E; datum WGS84, elevation 5,050 m) during May 2014. Photo: ZooKeys Ancient Himalayan wolves still roam in Nepal
Scientists have confirmed that an endangered species of ancient Himalayan wolf is still extant and roams in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. They reached to the conclusion after analysing the DNA extracted from faecal samples, suspected to have originated from the Himalayan wolves (Canis lupus chanco), collected from the Upper Mustang region in the Annapurna Conservation..
a Climbers bodies found in Tibet after 16 years
The bodies of two American climbers have been found in a glacier in the Himalayas, 16 years after they were killed by a huge avalanche according to BBC. World-renowned mountaineer Alex Lowe had been climbing the 8,013m (26,290ft) Shishapangma peak in Tibet in October 1999 with cameraman David Bridges when they were hit. They were found by two climbers last week, still trapped in the ice. Mr..
Nepal Celebrate Valentine Day in these beautiful places with unique way
Hard-hearted cynics call it a bloated marketing ploy. Yet for others it's a chance to make friends with a florist, crack open the bubbles and gorge on Belgian chocolates. Whatever your take on St. Valentine's Day, there's no shortage of options around the world to mark it in memorable ways. Here are 10 unique ways to say "I love you" on February 14. Champagne baths in Italy Italy..
t ‘Youngest’ conjoined sisters separated
Doctors in Switzerland say they have separated eight-day-old conjoined sisters, believed to be the youngest babies to be successfully parted. The twins, born in December, were fused at the liver and chest. Swiss media say doctors had originally planned to separate them when they were several months old but brought the operation forward when they each suffered a life-threatening..
TEAME Astronaut Tim Peake on historic spacewalk
Tim Peake is carrying out the first ever spacewalk by an "official" British astronaut. Major Peake stepped outside the International Space Station's Quest airlock just after 13:00 GMT. He and Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra are scheduled to spend six-and-a-half hours on the exterior of the outpost. The astronauts have completed the primary goal of the spacewalk: replacing a faulty component on the..
IMG_3802-600x400 Stranger Gives Dad A Touching Note After Seeing Him With Daughter
David Rosenman is a physician and assistant professor in Rochester, MN. He’s also a father with two young children. When David recently took his 9-year-old girl to breakfast at a coffee shop he never expected to come with such an incredible story now touching the hearts of thousands of people across the country. When they arrived at the restaurant, David planned to read his newspaper while..