_98799877_mediaitem98799875 EU gives May two weeks to act on Brexit divorce bill
Theresa May has been told she has two weeks to put more money on the table if the EU is to agree to begin Brexit trade talks before the end of the year, BBC report. EU Council President Donald Tusk said he was "ready" to move onto the next phase of Brexit talks, covering future relations with the UK. But he said the UK must show much more progress on the "divorce bill" and the Irish border by..
_98780712_bangalore Indian police arrest four men for gang-raping a 17-year-old girl
Police in the southern Indian city of Bangalore have arrested four men for gang-raping a 17-year-old girl, BBC report. The girl was allegedly held in a hotel room and repeatedly raped over a period of 10 days. The four men have been sent to judicial custody. The manager of the hotel is one of the accused. The police told the BBC that another of the accused was a friend of the girl's who..
_94269384_296827a5-eda3-4e7c-9e4c-721ed5e4f53b Cambodia top court dissolves main opposition party
Cambodia's Supreme Court has dissolved the country's main opposition party, leaving the government with no significant competitor ahead of elections next year, BBC report. The Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) is accused of plotting to topple the government - charges it denies, and describes as politically motivated. More than 100 party members are now banned from politics for five..
_98767507_043013139-1 Mugabe ‘under house arrest’ after army takeover
Zimbabwe's military has placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest in the capital Harare, South African President Jacob Zuma says, according to BBC. Mr Mugabe told Mr Zuma in a phone call that he was fine, the South African leader's office said. Troops are patrolling the capital, Harare, after they seized state TV and said they were targeting "criminals". The move may be a bid to..
_98766424_2618c8b5-e979-4536-a364-aedb6f4ace2c US calls for Myanmar Rohingya investigation
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for an independent investigation into Myanmar's Rohingya crisis, BBC report. Myanmar's army has been accused of killing Rohingya people and burning their villages, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee to Bangladesh. Mr Tillerson said the crisis concerned the US, but added that sanctions against Myanmar were "not advisable" at this time. His..
_98756547_551d9905-4dd2-45b4-93e4-1422dd05d3ac Australians decisively support gay marriage
Australians have overwhelmingly voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in a historic poll, BBC report. The non-binding postal vote showed 61.6% of people favour allowing same-sex couples to wed, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said. Jubilant supporters have been celebrating in public spaces, waving rainbow flags and singing and dancing. A bill to change the law was introduced..
_98752568_rouhani Iran’s President Rouhani vows action over collapsed buildings
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to "find the culprits" responsible for buildings collapsing in a 7.3-magnitude earthquake on Sunday, BBC report. He suggested that government-built buildings had collapsed while privately-built ones remained standing. As he spoke in the worst-affected city, Sarpol-e Zahab, he gestured to two buildings, one of which had collapsed while the other had..
_98727210_fae104cf-1652-4a24-9a19-ba9cfa1c9715 Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe allies hit out at Zimbabwe army chief
Allies of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe have warned the military chief against meddling in politics, BBC report. Gen Constantino Chiwenga had said the army was prepared to intervene to end purges within the ruling Zanu-PF party. His comments came a week after Mr Mugabe sacked his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, who has fled into exile. But the Zanu-PF's Youth League, which backs President..
_97975660_52dea655-39d7-4192-ae17-3090c07a832e Donald Trump trades ‘short and fat’ barb with N Korea’s Kim
President Donald Trump has again traded barbs with North Korea, shortly before offering to mediate in a heated regional dispute, BBC report. He took to Twitter to complain he would never call North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "short and fat", after its foreign ministry called him "old". It was one of a series of remarks he made on social media before volunteering his services over maritime..
_98711473_042934387-1 Donald Trump says Putin insulted by US election meddling claim
President Vladimir Putin feels insulted by allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 US election, Donald Trump has said after meeting him briefly at an Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam, BBC report. "He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election," the US leader said. Mr Trump, who defeated Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, said the allegations were a "Democratic hit job". The US..
_98709100_c2fc9c60-8f97-40ce-a638-82b37cb9b41e Hitler waxwork removed from Indonesian museum
A life-size model of Adolf Hitler used for "selfies" by visitors to an Indonesian museum has been removed, BBC report. Pictures shared on social media show people grinning as they pose with the Nazi leader in front of an image of the gates of Auschwitz concentration camp. It was only when the international community reacted with outrage that the De ARCA Statue Art Museum realised it had..
_98695594_mediaitem98695593 Philippines President ‘I have stabbed a person to death in teenage’
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said he stabbed a person to death when he was a teenager, BBC report. "At 16, I killed someone," he told Filipinos in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang, where he is attending a regional summit. He said he stabbed the person "just over a look". His spokesman later said his remarks had been "in jest". Mr Duterte has previously said he killed criminal..
_98696832_6ed4e5dc-6c2e-4b76-aee5-60aea4e81a12 Trump and Xi offer competing visions for trade
US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have set out starkly different visions for the future of global trade in speeches at a summit in Vietnam, BBC report. In a defiant address, Mr Trump told the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) meeting that the US would no longer tolerate "chronic trade abuses". In contrast, President Xi said globalisation was..
_98698947_56f64e1a-6759-4217-b323-f7779eab39ea Barnier gives UK two weeks to clarify key issues
The UK has two weeks to clarify key issues or make concessions if progress is to be made in Brexit talks, the bloc's chief negotiator has said, according to BBC. Michel Barnier was speaking after meeting the Brexit secretary for talks on citizens' rights, the Irish border, and the UK's "divorce bill". David Davis said it was time for both sides "to work to find solutions". Before the..
_98666921_141810a6-4ea5-42cf-bc8d-ba509bce3c1d Spain could allow referendums
Spain is considering constitutional changes that could allow its regions to hold referendums on independence in the future, the foreign minister says, according to BBC. The move is in recognition of the events in Catalonia, where the regional government was deposed after a unilateral declaration of independence. Protests were held against the detention of the region's..
_98671053_gettyimages-547297752-2 UK minister ordered to return from Africa trip
A UK government minister has been ordered to return from a trip to Africa after it was revealed she held secret meetings with Israeli officials, according to BBC. Priti Patel met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior figures while on a private holiday with her family in August. She apologised on Monday, but there are now questions about further meetings held in..
_98667455_042874954-1 Trump in China for talks
US President Donald Trump is in China for talks likely to be dominated by tensions over North Korea, BBC report. His arrival came after a speech to the South Korean parliament in which Mr Trump urged China to further isolate North Korea. The White House sees China as pivotal in reining in the North's nuclear aims but Beijing says it is doing enough. Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a..
a 70 year old Japan’s ‘Black Widow’ gets death sentence for killing lovers
A 70-year-old Japanese woman has been sentenced to death for the murder of three men, one of whom was her husband, and the attempted murder of another, BBC report. Chisako Kakehi is accused of using cyanide to kill her lovers and make millions from insurance payouts. Her lawyers plan to appeal the sentence. Prosecutors said she targeted wealthy men who were mostly elderly or sick. She..
Men chased Texas church shooting suspect
Two men are being hailed as heroes for pursuing the gunman suspected of killing at least 26 people at a Texas church, BBC report. Johnnie Langendorff told local media he had chased the gunman after seeing "two men exchanging gunfire". "The shooter... fled in his vehicle, the other gentleman came and said we need to pursue him," he said. The attack happened at the First Baptist Church in..