Dear Angela Poem By Jamuna R.C rc jamuna


Battaddar Fuldani
That is the same
After all you
Last kissing
Romantic memories have been given
In the sky
Mascara Layer
Bounce over
You are me
Seemed like
Yes with me
The two nonsense memories
One wound out
The amount is left
Getting on the banks of the ninja
We sow
Made as a maker of Koshi
With your kind of stars
These missed missiles

Dear Angela 1
Do not see me when you
Alarare getting busy with the air
Reached the beach
Tired to miss
Losing life story
You’re rocky times
Atlantic and Pacific
Basil barks

Dear Angela !
Past the pasture of the past
Drinking a nice ocean and ocean
How often have you been?
How many tricks
In the darkness of life
Why can not you kiss and open?
With travel and illustration
With the colors of the rainbow
Rivers of river life
Paint yourself
Sometimes, I am sorry
In the minds of the mind
Walking distance
Life song
Keep calm
In a kiss
Preparation Preference
After all you and me
Within the same chest
It’s a lot of pain
Do you get away?
You gave me
Colorful flowering
And half of your heart beat
My chest is hurting my chest


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