Does Kathmandu deserve to be a Metropolitan City? a

People residing in Kathmandu do not feel like living in a Metropolitan city as it does not offer the quality of life like any other metropolis city offers around the world, THT  report.

Recently, Kathmandu was ranked as the 5th most polluted city in the Pollution Index 2017.

However, the Government of Nepal, on December 5, 1995 had declared Kathmandu as a Metropolitan city on the basis of population and revenue garnered by the metropolis.

Since, two decades on, the Kathmandu Metropolitan city has failed to boost its infrastructure in term of sewage and drainage, garbage, ample open spaces, pollution control, traffic management and drinking water among others.

With this poor infrastructure, people have been hit hard in their daily lives due to air pollution and waterlogged roads during the rainy seasons.

The snail paced road expansion and delay in the underground installation of Melamchi Drinking Water project have marred the lives of the people in the Valley.

As the monsoon is onset, the road in the Kathmandu have turned into rivulets paths due to poor sewage and drainage system which has created chaos among pedestrians walking along the streets in the Valley.

It’s shame that people living in the Metropolitan city have been deprived of these basis facilities offered by the Metropolis around the world.

Recently, many political parties had included clean and green Kathmandu in their political manifesto, however, their vision failed to materalise the problems facing during the rainy days in the Valley.

Newly elected representatives made a public stunt by sweeping dust in the streets of Kathmandu, what if, they were elected in the rainy days, they seemed to have no answer of inundation of Kathmandu roads in the rainy season.

The road inundation in the valley have hit hard for the commuters and vehicles plying in the valley.

More, importantly it is spreading foul smells, spreading disease like cholera and tarnishing the beauty and image of the culturally and traditionally rich city, Kathmandu.

It is high time that we all should join our hands in making Kathmandu a clean, green and vibrant city in the South Asia.

Here are some of the images captured by our photo journalist Skanda Gautam during shower in the Valley today.