Nirvana have I gained in her world . anmolm
Anmol Kandel

Friend !
Nay ! I knoweth not
any fixed abode of my beloved ..

Her smile dwells along every flowers
Her tear falls along every broken leafs

She expands
Sky-laden truth unto my heart
Nay ! I know not any wisdom of hers ..

Friend !
Such is depth of her love
always remaineth unconsumed
with the veil of unloved ocean !

For her day is night bathed by light
For her night is sky unmasked with light

Friend !
I am unwise
I knoweth her glory
Only being consumed by her into ashes ..
And , like phoenix I arise only to love her again..

Friend !
I sleep unto
ever-expanding glory of her womb
Like waves ebbs down unto the ocean
Infinitely ensured at its depth .

I wake up
When she pours down
Her small touch of light
Unto my sky-consciousness .

Stars -put forth at her sky
are my eyes for interval of darkness
When I am lost
And , she hides herself somewhere
To make me find another treasure of my life ..

Her spin !
With different motion at different planets
Are my unending , bizzare dance
Motioned for the eternal song of her glory ..

Friend like mountain
With my lengthed-edges
I have kissed her
From my depth to my peak ..
And , she always absorbs my infinite love
Unto the infinite-absorbing womb of her ether ..

Like sunshine
Brushing its hidden colors ,
Unto the naked breast of mountain
Have my life been brushed
Upon the skin of her breast
embellished with beauty of infinite arts ..
Unholded and bizzare by the human-eyes …

Like berries
drooping towards the earth
Shy has covered my whole heart
And , I bow down my head …
Upon finding my beloved
Unto the sacred throne of my soul …

Like mountain traveller
Whose eyes are fixed at goal
Have I fixed myself unto her heart
And , her pulse rises and falls
Like breath unto the spine of my life ..

She is my journey and my goal
And , all her skies , stars , clouds and ocean
Have became my friends and my caravan .

Mud – has become gold
At my heart-eye
And , gold has become mud
At my eye-heart

Friend !
As I sing
My song cries for its completion
And , in vain is silenced my song
When she kisses my heart with my own melody

I write
And the eyes of my poems
are filled with eternal tears
And , in vein goes the vanity of my poems
When she writes wordless poetry of life
With the pen of day-night-month-year
Upon the eternal inflation of my existence …

Friend !
Sky-lengthed is my extended arm
And like sunshine
She covers the length of my days …

Vessel of moon have become my heart Receiving cold-light at night
From distant and unknowable
Heart melting lover ..
I am eternal paper
Unwritten ,
with the pen of my ego …
She writes whole stories of Universe
From its (birth-death)
with the pen of suns , moons , and stars …
Every eyes
Shineth the signature
Of my beloved supersoul ..
Every heart
Beholds the beats
Of her alive dancing …
Saints , Sinners
fools and Intelligents
All are like rays shedded out of
SUN of her unknown depth .
Friend !
Nay not ! I knoweth anything of hers
And , not importent is to know even ..
Flooded with infinite love
My heart is now silent
Burned with eternal fire of her love
My seeking is consumed to its last dust ..
My fibres are weakened to its last stretch ..
My existence has poured itself unto her chest ..
My life has joined its hand with her breath ..
My everything has became her tiny part ..
Nomore – I want
Knowledge , Meditation and Worshipping ..
My love has maddened her
And , now she as my lover
Calls me everymoment …
And , I am consumed into her self ..
Irreversible have became my surrender ..
Nirvana have I gained in her world ..

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