Prakat By Ranjushree Parajuli Prakat

Ranjushree Parajuli


Prakat is an intelligent boy. He is seven years old. He goes to an elementary school in Louisevil. He is in grade two. He knows how to use a computer very well. He has his own password. He uses Google to find new things. He learned to read and write on his little toy computer. That computer was his fifth birthday gift from his aunt.

Last week  was his seventh birthday. In the morning he went to the temple with his grandmother in his new outfits. In the evening, he had a party with family and friends.

At the party, he got many gifts. The especial gift for him was the tablet—a little computer—from his Uncle Krishna. He liked it very much. Every day, before leaving for school, he  puts it on charge. After school, he does his homework and then starts playing with his tablet.

Prakat’s parents are worried about his addiction with the media. On the other hand, they are happy with his  perfection. But physical exercise is also important for him.

Prakat’s nickname is Pachi. His family calls him with that name. He likes it very much.

His favorite game is  car-race. He knows everything about the game. He has a big collection of cars from all over the world. He has cars with remote-control facility too.

Pachi engages his grandpa in car race and aeroplane-flying competition with him. His racing car is red and grandpa’s yellow. The white car is for an imaginary friend Ram. In the car-race competition Pachi is always the winner. Occasionally, he lets his grandpa win the race.  But he never lets his imaginary friend win. He says, “Grandpa, I will be a car-race champion when I grow.”

In the evening, grandpa works in the garden, weeding, planting, trimming and watering the plants. Pachi also works with him. He keeps asking his grandpa, “How do plants grow? Why do they need water? Why do insects and bugs eat plants? Why are trees big and small?”

Pachi has learned many things about nature. He knows that some insects and bugs are good for plants. Some like bees are good even for human beings. They make honey for us. Under the soil there are bunches of worms. They are also very good for plants.

Inside the house Pachi has learned a lot about the media and outside, especially in the garden, he has learnt a lot about nature.

Is not he a smart guy?

Yes he is !