Reason Poem By Jamuna Roka jamuna roka

A stamped seal
Slowing down
Slightly troubled
I came near
One morning
And so happy
Dear you
What do you like?
I said
You like it
More than you
I love the dark
Even more than the darkness
Like it
Cloudy sky
More than a dozen
We love the earth to live
I like your footprint
With your footprint
Like my dream
The broken road
Taple tied
Own soil
Tears written
The story of this soil
Story story
Taille the blood
Written in soil
Missed letters
The letter is loaded
Your singing
Heart beat
Dear me
So much
I love you a little bit
Ask again
True meal
Do not you like it?
I said slowly
Steal it
I told you
If you have to
Come dear
One of the possibilities
Lighting the June
Close to me
And meal
Remember yourself
Let us burn
In every dark mind
Light drinks
Sitting together

Translate by Suman